Desiree Wilson

literary agent at the bent agency


Literary Agent at The Bent Agency

Desiree Wilson is a literary agent at The Bent Agency representing horror and fantasy for adults, young adult, and middle grade readers. A former freelance publishing consultant, Desiree has worked as associate editor at Oni Press and is currently an adjunct publishing instructor at Portland State University. Their background includes a master's degree in Book Publishing and a post-baccalaureate in Comic Book Studies from Portland State University, as well as internships with companies like Dark Horse Comics, Catapult/Counterpoint Press. Desiree has a passion for graphic narratives that play with the comics medium, stories in prose and illustration that speak to the multi-faceted experiences of BIPOC and marginalized communities without focusing on trauma, and allegorical stories help younger readers explore difficult topics and emotions safely through fictional worlds.

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    ∆ Fantasy
    ∆ Graphic Novels
    ∆ Horror
    ∆ Magical Realism
    ∆ MG Nonfiction
    ∆ Narrative Memoir
    ∆ Science Fiction
    ∆ Speculative Fiction
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    ∆ Adult nonfiction
    ∆ Monthly Comics
    ∆ Picture Books
    ∆ Poetry Collections
    ∆ Religion/Spirituality