Desiree Wilson


Agent - Educator - Speaker

My name is Desiree, and I'm a literary agent, public speaker, and publishing educator. I was born and raised in the Nevada desert in the company of just about every book I could get my hands on. After a handful of non-publishing lives—including a short stint in the Army, working on an ambulance as an EMT, and almost a decade as a 911 dispatcher—I relocated to the strange, damp quarter of the Pacific Northwest. I received degrees in Book Publishing and Comic Studies from Portland State University, where I now teach publishing myself.

While pursuing my degrees, I held multiple internships and staff roles with a number of companies, including Kickstarter, Dark Horse Comics, Milkfed Criminal Masterminds, and Counterpoint Press. I am also the former acquisitions editor at Ooligan Press and was an editor at Oni Press, where I managed over 30 titles. I joined The Bent Agency in 2020, and began building my client list with a primary focus on horror, fantasy, sci-fi, speculative fiction, and graphic novels from underrepresented voices. You can read more about my submission guidelines and what I'm looking for on my manuscript wishlist.

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    • Contemporary Fiction
    • Educational Graphic Novels
    • MG and YA Graphic Novels
    • Narrative Memoir
    • Short Story Collections
    • Science Fiction & Fantasy
    • Speculative Fiction
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    • Monthly Comics
    • Picture Books
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    • Poetry Collections
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    • Technical Nonfiction

Client Testimonials

Desiree not only helped me with my first book deal, they helped me navigate the janky world of comics publishing, introduced me to my agent, and basically shepherded me into comics professionalism. They're a gem, publishing is lucky to have them!

Andi Santagata

Author of Jed the Undead

It's been personally inspiring to me to reach higher and be more reflective while working with Desiree. I enjoy how frank Desiree can be while remaining respectful. I really felt like she was a personal advocate for me and [my book].

Eliot Rahal

Author of Midnight Vista and Quantum & Woody!

Desiree has done so much cool work for more than a few publishers, and is amazing at her job. She's also my editor for a Secret Project, which means I can confirm: she's fantastic, and is worth a look if/when she opens her commissions.

Atla Hrafney

Comic writer & editor