Writing a book is one of the most personal experiences you can undertake on your own, and one of the scariest things is sharing the journey from rough draft manuscript to fully realized book with dozens of people whose investment in your book varies. When you hire an editor, they're looking at your words and voice; when you hire a cover designer, they adhere to and draw their inspiration from your design brief; when you're hiring a social media manager, they're looking at online traffic metrics and a limited series of keywords taken from the thousands and thousands of words you so carefully selected and organized on the page. Their jobs, by necessity, become impersonal roles in an effort to drive your book past a finish line, a goal often set based in productivity rather than passion for the project.

Which is why I approach my literary consultations a little bit different. I want to be a force of good for your book, share in your passion at every turn, and make sure that every part feels connected to the previous step. As a combo editor-designer-marketer, the goal is to make your book feel like it has been done with intention and purpose, and that every choice being made is a fully informed one you've had a voice in. These small touches mean that your book tells a story—from the soft-touch cover to the color of the endpapers, and every word between the covers. For this reason, I prioritize working with people and publishers who want someone to be with a book for a comprehensive, long-haul experience.

While I am certainly not the only literary consultant who works through a lens of intersectional equity or focuses my outreach on marginalized individuals and communities, I am one of the few who offers an impressive bredth of services as a one-stop shop. I'd love to hear your story, your needs, your goals, and help you make a plan to reach them.

I am currently accepting inquiries.

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