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  • By desiree September 22, 2023 In


    Covers / Graphic NovelsRiotbones All Sequentials Covers Illustration B&W Available for: Covers, illustration, graphic novel interiorsWebsitewebsite | twitter | instagramInquiriesDesiree at Looking Glass Literary PreviousParker GoodreauAll Projects

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  • By desiree June 30, 2023 In


    Graphic Novels / IllustrationLeeminarium All Editorial Sequentials Character Illustration Covers TTRPG Illustration Portrait of a TTRPG character Editorial Illustration Illustrations for Polygon's tabletop week 2022 (link: Cover Illustration Knight Dryad

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  • By desiree April 14, 2023 In

    Val Wise

    Adult / Graphic NovelsVal Wise All Covers Illustrations Sequentials Cover Cover for Cheer Up! Love and Pompoms, Oni Press, 2021 Sequentials Illustration Anniversary Illustration, 2023 Sequentials Sequentials Sequentials Illustration Sequentials

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  • By desiree March 29, 2023 In

    Lukas Ketner

    Adult / CoversLukas Ketner All Covers Character Design Headless Horseman Intro Splash Bill & Ted Cover Animal Faction Frames Headless Horseman Outro Count Crowley 204 Cover Food Fight Hell &

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  • By desiree March 28, 2023 In

    Kimberli Johnson

    Covers / Early ReaderKimberli Johnson All Covers Characters Illustration Sequentials Cover Front cover of wraparound for Emiline: Knight in Training Character Illustration Sequentials Photograph of sequentials in original format for

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  • By desiree December 11, 2020 In

    Mariah-Rose Marie

    Covers / EditorialMariah-Rose Marie All Illustrations Editorial Sequentials Editorial Sequential Response piece for "Are We Doomed: Five Cartoonists on Living Through Climate Change" Illustration yanomami girl & her melanistic jaguar

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  • By desiree December 11, 2020 In

    Naomi Franq

    Covers / Graphic NovelsNaomi Franq All Character Designs Covers Sequentials Illustrations Sequentials Inked, uncolored, unlettered sequential page from Marvel's Unbeatable Squirrel Girl. Sequentials Full color sequential samples from Tales of

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