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  • Riotbones

    Covers / Graphic NovelsRiotbones All Sequentials Covers Illustration B&W Available for: Covers, illustration, graphic novel interiorsWebsitewebsite | twitter | instagramInquiriesDesiree at Looking

  • Parker Goodreau

    Covers / IllustrationParker Goodreau All Illustration Covers Character Design Sequentials Character Illustration "July" - Character illustration Illustration "Oarfish" Illustration Sequential Cover Cover

  • Leeminarium

    Graphic Novels / IllustrationLeeminarium All Editorial Sequentials Character Illustration Covers Sequential Page 2 of the short comic DEBT Sequential Page 4 of

  • Val Wise

    Adult / Graphic NovelsVal Wise All Covers Illustrations Sequentials Sequentials Sequentials Sequentials Illustration Illustration Anniversary Illustration, 2023 Cover Cover for Cheer Up!

  • Ro Salarian

    Covers / EditorialRo Salarian All Sequentials Covers Illustration B&W Illustration Color illustration by Ro Salarian Illustration Color illustration by Ro Salarian Sequentials

  • Tintin Pantoja

    Graphic Novels / Middle GradeTintin Pantoja All Covers Sequentials - Color Sequentials - Inks Cover Cover for the middle grade graphic novel

  • Kimberli Johnson

    Covers / Early ReaderKimberli Johnson All Covers Characters Illustration Sequentials Sequentials Sequentials page from The Unlikely Adventures of Pip Swiftfoot, a Tumblr

  • Mariah-Rose Marie

    Covers / EditorialMariah-Rose Marie All Illustrations Editorial Sequentials Sequential A holy moment with a cat in RubĂ­. Editorial An excerpt of Mariah-Rose's

  • Naomi Franq

    Covers / Graphic NovelsNaomi Franq All Character Designs Covers Sequentials Illustrations Cover Cover illustation for "Tales From Harrow County: Death's Choir," published