By desiree July 13, 2020 In Reviews

Review: Fangs by Sarah Andersen

With heart and humor, Anderson has managed to capture the vampire v werewolf trope but make them in love trope, while also giving them cute personalities and quirks. The joke basically writes itself, so I can’t say much about the reading surprised me, but FANGS is nevertheless a fun little character exploration of the primary characters. Less an overarching narrative than a collection of single-page comics, this book is a brisk read with a couple laugh out loud moments that I promptly shared with friends, making it if nothing else a good conversation piece and a perfect little coffee table book. It’s a very brisk read, maybe an hour’s worth, but the re-readability is there and I already have a few pat, funny individual pages to share with friends the first chance I get. A good pick for fans of Sarah Graley or Yuko Ota and Ananth Hirsch’s similarly themed slice-of-life books, Fangs is a whimsical look at how much work relationships take, especially when the most polarized opposites attract.


If I have one problem with this book, it’s that the post-production on the final scanned art is lacking,. Andersen seems to use traditional mediums to make her art, which is great, but it doesn’t seem that any of the scans have been polished and the artifacting from the scanning may frustrate people who are used to ‘cleaner’ art in their OGN and comics. Still, in some ways the artifacting lends to the charm, and most of my beef with it is that it feels like that lack of cleanup is in direct contrast to the sharp, clean, direct elegance of the cover.