Submission Guide

General Guidelines

Note: I respond to all queries; silence is not rejection, but if I have had your query for longer
than the estimated response time please feel free to follow up. Agency submission guidelines here.

Estimated Response Times
Queries: 4-6 weeks
Partial manuscripts: ~6-8 weeks
Full manuscripts: 8+ weeks

My perfect manuscripts combine high-concept hooks with low-concept settings and character-driven narratives, capturing a seed of truth in all the trappings of fantastical escapism. I love tangible, tactile worlds I can immerse in, and am a sucker for familiar bonds human characters and non-human creatures—from talking animals to eldritch horrors, sentient weapons to elementals, you had me at hello.

I also love lush, opulent narrations, especially when tied to fantastical retellings of both Western and non-Western fairy tales with non-white/diverse, genderbent, and/or LGBTIA+ casts. I appreciate when Western retellings are given voice through non-Western lenses, especially when they cleverly adapt to the cultural expectations of their new settings.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I'm always looking to find and uplift voices and stories from BIPOC authors and other disproportionately underrepresented communities. I want to read stories in which we are the heroes of our own stories, our joy and sadness and successes in the microcosms of our personal relationships. Send me your stories of BIPOC being in love, being joyous, being playful, silly, and foolish, reveling in and learning from their mistakes, building their relationships with all their flaws and desires in tow.

Middle Grade

I am looking for upper MG titles for readers in the 10-14 age range, often preferring titles with YA-crossover appeal. Middle grade readers are smarter than most people give them credit for, and I want to find stories that don't condescend to them. I am primarily interested philosophical, fictional MG stories that allow young readers to explore and navigate their unique emotions and anxieties in a safe, controlled way; explore difficult topics like mental health or gender identity without focusing them as the main conflicts; and centralize the powerful friendships as an anchorpoint. I like my middle grade thoughtful, with quiet humor—please, no fart jokes.

I am constantly on the look out for sharp, smart, and scary kid-horror, as long as it has enough heart to offset the scares. Books like Small Spaces, The Ocean at the End of the Lane, and City of Ghosts. These books should center universal topics and have strong moral lessons. I'm also looking for modern collections or series from author-illustrators.

Young Adult

For young adult readers, I'm looking primarily for high-concept fantasy, science fiction, urban fantasy, and non-European fairytale retellings or adaptations of Western fables that feature a diverse cast or are written by a BIPOC author. I love a unique blend of worlds, weird dystopias rooted in science or science fiction (please, no plague/disease stories right now), and stories that embrace the beautiful, horrible power of creatures we've come to think as whimsical instead of eldrich, like fey or angelic hosts. Give me the great and absurd unease of biblically-accurate angels a la Bayonetta but, you know, a book.

As with middle grade, I am looking for horror with depth and nuance, especially those that frame a marginalized group or experience in a new and terrifying way. For an idea, I recently loved Mexican Gothic, Dread Nation, and Wilder Girls, and I don't tend to shy from much except for sexual assault as a key plot point. I love a good body horror, well-executed gore, and having to wonder which characters will make it to the end.

Finally, I'm looking for love stories that don't necessarily center romantic love, instead making room for found family or close friendships to get through conflict. This is especially in the case of agender and female protagonists whose journey leads them to understanding they aren't and don't have to be alone in the world. Nevertheless, I do quite enjoy cheesy, sappy, queer romcoms, with emphasis on comedy (especially when it feels like it could the anecdote of a poor confused poster found on /r/relationships).

Graphic Novels

I see comics first and foremost as a creative, dynamic medium that is fun to play with, and I am generally taken by strong hooks that can be explored in a singularly unique way through the graphic narrative. For middle grade titles, I love adorable but fierce protagonists and somewhat complicated topics. The cuter the better, truly, but not juvenile—titles should err on the side of upper MG when possible. For young adult, I look specifically for high-concept hooks, character-driven or slice-of-life narratives, and complicated romances or relationships, including platonic ones.

I am looking for kid-horror graphic novels for MG readers, and magical realism, fantasy, and science-fiction for both MG and YA readers. For adult readers, I am looking for compelling graphic memoirs from writer-illustrators, as well as high-concept adult horror comics.

I am not the right agent for your monthly/ongoing comics or superheroes for any ages.


I am currently acquiring memoir on a select basis. I am looking for authors who lean heavily into creative nonfiction elements and are telling new and interesting stories. I need a very strong voice—lush and dreamy or indefatigable humor are my two favorite approaches—and preferably an author who already has a large audience or is making gains on getting to one. I will always accept memoir queries from all BIPOC and underrepresented communities.


I am currently only seeking author-illustrators who have a strong portfolio demonstrating the range of skills representative of the work they wish to do. Review my submission guidelines, then follow the instructions at the top of my submission form marked 'Illustrators Only'.