Submission Guidelines

Ready to Query?

I am closed to unsolicited submissions as of April 2, 2022.

Before sending me a query, please make sure you've reviewed my wishlist and what I'm not accepting, as well as The Bent Agency's Submission Guidelines. I do not open queries with attachments, and do not reply to queries that do not provide the required sample pages. Otherwise, I endeavor to reply to all queries within 4 weeks of receipt, provided they have included all necessary elements. If you have waited past the estimated response time, please feel free to follow up or query another agent at TBA. Do not resubmit your query.

Estimated Response Times
Queries: 4-6 weeks
Partial manuscripts: ~6-8 weeks
Full manuscripts: 8+ weeks

You can query me by filling via QueryManager here. Any queries received at my main contact email will be deleted without being read; if you require accommodations for any reason, you may also send your queries to me at; please include the title of your book in the subject line, and paste both your query letter, a full synopsis, and the first ten pages of your manuscript in the body of the email. I do not accept manuscripts by mail.

Graphic Novel Queries

If you're interested in querying a graphic novel project, or querying as an author-illustrator, please review the TBA submission guidelines then send the following as a single PDF attachment. Note that I am not accepting queries from illustrators who do not have a project to pitch or script-only pitches at this time.

  • Introduction - Your elevator pitch, including comp titles
  • Story Overview - A full synopsis of your book from beginning to end
  • Audience and Format - Who is this book for? What size is it? Est. page count? Full color, b/w, or limited palette?
  • Script Sample - Include the first 10 story pages of the script, or a full chapter if it's available
  • Sample Pages - At least 5 sequential sample pages; can be pencils or inks, but at least one page should be fully inked and colored. Preferable if pages are from this project, but you may also link to a portfolio demonstrating your sequential storytelling on another project.
  • Biography - Your bio. Include previous works and notable recognition/awards, if applicable.