Manuscript Wishlist


I am looking for genre fiction, especially horror and kid-horror books, high-concept standalone fantasy with contemporary roots, speculative fiction, magical realism, and accessible or near-future science fiction. I am also looking for select middle grade non-fiction.

It is important to me that my list is uplifting those people publishing has often pushed to the margins or into white-lensed boxes, and I am especially interested in hearing from these people. This includes but is not limited to authors who are Black, Indigenous, Asian/Asian American, or other minority ethnic; visibly and invisibly disabled; transgender or somewhere other than binary on the gender spectrum; part of the lesser-represented perspectives from the LGBTQIA2S+ community; or any intersection(s) of the aforementioned.

Please note this wishlist is not comprehensive on what I'm seeking or may acquire, but rather topics and content I'm very interested in at the current moment.

I am not the right fit for hard science fiction (I love reading it, but it's all magic to me), epic fantasy series taking inspiration from Tolkien or GRRM, military or police fiction, books centering on school shootings, sexual assault, or sick lit, poetry, novels in verse, erotica, or adult nonfiction.

Middle Grade

I am looking for novels and graphic novels in the middle grade space for readers in the 10-14 age range, and prefer titles with YA or all audiences crossover appeal. As a former Very Serious Middle Grader™, I am interested in books that speak to that same readership today: stories that skip the fart jokes, don't lean too heavily on zaniness or condescend to the reader, have quiet humor or philosophical hooks, and serve as a safe place to explore emotions, anxieties, or examine difficult topics like death, mental health, or gender identity. I love a book that can blend adventure with high stakes and serious topics.

I'm always looking for sharp, smart, and scary kid-horror, so long as it's got enough heart to offset the scares, centers universally relatable topics, and has a strong moral compass (though I don't love a book that is preachy). I'm extremely interested in ensemble casts with well-developed characters, stories that focus on friendships and community, are intercultural, center on siblings, and/or normalize nontraditional family structures.

For middle grade nonfiction, I am looking predominantly for books about history or historical figures, STEM, or other books that break down complex topics. Think ”explain it like I'm five“ mentality, but for an older audience preparing for their high school years. I especially love a nonfiction graphic novel that can accomplish being educational by using the comics medium in creative ways (Professor Astro Cat is my go-to example).

Young Adult

I run a wide gamut of interest for young adult readers, but the most important thing to me in this space is a high concept and a strong YA voice, beautiful writing on the line level, and character-driven arcs that remind readers they're all the center of their own stories. One of the biggest elements I am looking for in YA is books that aren't necessarily written for to satisfy a dominant majority -- whether that is race, social class, gender, sexuality, or something else. I want books that are unapologetic and honest in their execution, and know exactly the audience they're writing to, even if that audience is niche or small.

I'm looking for horror with depth and nuance, especially those that frame the world in new and terrifying ways. I love a good body horror, well-executed gore, creepy psychological mind games, a good murder, and having to wonder which characters are going to make it to the end. I want to be deeply invested, and then to throw the book across the room at least once.

I'm always looking for high-concept contemporary fantasy or second world stories, non-European fairytale retellings or adaptations of Western fables through a non-Western sense, near-future science fiction that isn't necessarily dystopian, weird dystopias rooted in science or science fiction, stories that embrace the horrible, beautiful power of creatures we've come to think of as whimsical. I love an externalization of emotion or personality — think familiars, or daemons form HDM — or other approaches that serve as physical manifestations of heart vs head conflicts.

Finally, I'm looking for romance or romcoms, with a few twists. I would love to see more stories featuring Indigenous or Black leads, male perspective romances where the lead might surprise me, and love stories featuring the platonic soulmate. I'd love more agender or aromantic protagonists whose journey leads them to understanding that loving differently isn't loving wrong, cheesy, sappy romcoms with emphasis on the comedy (especially if it feels like the anecdote of a poor, confused poster found on /r/relationships), and romances that work for it.


I'm acquiring a very select number of adult fiction titles with commercial appeal, mostly in the form of romance, atmospheric and/or psychologically complex horror, contemporary fantasy with well-considered world building just this side of reality, and thrillers with a strong mystery. I am especially looking for Black and/or Indigenous-led romances, femme or LGBTQ2S+ characters from all walks, disability representation that tackles the horrors of being disabled within an ableist system, heists, and generally flawed, selfish characters who are in way over their heads.

I am not considering crime/military thrillers, true crime, military or war stories, fictional pandemics, historical fiction pre-20th century or set in WWI/WWII, hard science fiction, or anything you'd describe first as "gritty". I am not accepting adult nonfiction at this time.

Graphic Novels

I see graphic novels and comics first and foremost as a creative, dynamic medium, and I am most interested in books that feel like the medium is the best option for them. Please don't send me your recycled film/TV script for graphic novelization; do send me your stories that really understand the interplay of panels, colors, lettering, scene framing, and the power of a great illustrator.

I am looking for kid-horror, magical realism, fantasy, contemporary fiction, speculative fiction, and science fiction titles.

For middle graders, I love adorable but fierce protagonists dealing with somewhat complicated topics. The cuter the better, truly, but preferably not juvenile; stories should err on the side of upper MG when possible, but I do skew younger in this space. Capturing the magic and whimsy of animated shows like The Owl House or Over the Garden Wall is key to making me love it. For young adults, I look specifically for high-concept hooks, character-driven or slice-of-life narratives, and complicated relationships, whether platonic or romantic.

For adult readers, the sky is the limit, but the same rules apply as with my adult novel wishlist. I am also considering compelling graphic memoirs from writer-illustrators, as well as adult horror—including body horror a la Clean Room.

Please do not query me with your superhero stories or deconstructions, your multi-book epics, or your ongoing monthly series concepts.


I am not currently accepting queries from illustrators who do not have a project to pitch. If you're interested in querying me as an author-illustrator, please review my submission guidelines and send the requested information. Note that I am not accepting script-only pitches at this time.